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Quick Solutions for Businesses

Are you looking for money for your business quickly? Our team of experts are here to help!

Support from Our Professional Brokers

Within 30 mins with one of our professionals, we’ll go deeper into the details of your businesses operations. Once we understand what you truly need, we’ll hunt down the best offers for you, and arrange a discussion to present our findings.

Fast Money Options For Your Business:

Whether you're in need of a Business Line of Credit, Equipment Financing, Working Capital, or  Real Estate Financing, we are here to provide a broad range of tailored solutions for your business. Take the next step in your business journey by contacting us today.


If you need to move fast and be flexible, we can fund within 48 hours.


From industrial to medical, we offer equipment loans, leasing, and sale leasbacks.


Multiple solutions with flexible terms to finance (or refinance) your real estate.


We cover real estate investors with portfolio loans, term loans, and rapid bridge financing.


Construction financing tailored to your needs, covering both renovation and ground up builds.


From simple refinancing, to cash out, to debt consolidation, we lower your cost of capital.


What People are saying 

"Great Experience"

Great experience! I would definitely recommend their service to my friends and family. Great job.

- Thurston Monae

"Working with Kairos"

Working with Kairos is a pleasure, they are quick to respond and very helpful in choosing the right financial resources to help most.

- Michael Johnson

"Kairos Was On It "

Kairos was on it from the start. They made me feel comfortable and were encouraging throughout the process. I always felt like I had an ally in Xavier, most experiences are far different.

I’m the end, it was quick, easy and again, I always felt confident in what I was doing.

- Bobby Thurston

"Have nothing but good things to say..."

Have nothing but good things to say about Kairos. They have been above board from the beginning, everything that they say they will do, they do...which is not always the case in this most industries! Xavier & Chynia offer outstanding support, always keeping you in the loop!

- Bradley Smith

Your business needs options.
Find the best financing solution for your business.

Learn More About Our Fast & Easy Process For Finding You The Best Small Business Loans

Did You Know That......

6 Tips Get Money For Your Business

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Did You Know That Small Businesses generate 44% of the economy in the US? According to the SBA, they also create two-thirds of net new jobs, and are major drivers of competition and innovation. Small businesses truly are the backbone of the economy and pillars in the communities they serve. But, none of this happens for free. Growth for a small business takes more than just blood, sweat and tears. It takes small businesses funding to scale quickly. There are 6 things that Business Owners, Real Estate Investors, and Entrepreneurs need to know to be successful in getting money and our Ebook Covers them. Get Your Copy TODAY!

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Financing

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​Non-owner Occupied SFR | 2-4 Units | Condos | Multi-Family | Fix n Flip | Rehab/Renovation/Remodel | Bridge | Cash-out Refinance | Portfolio (Jumbo) HELOAN
New Construction (Horizontal & Vertical) Commercial Property Mixed-Use
Assisted Living Facility | Church Facilities
Self-Storage | Mini Storage
Mobile/Manufactured Home
Mobile/Manufactured Home Parks
Vacant Lot | Golf Course
More Options Available!

​Non-owner Occupied SFR, 2-4 Units, Condos Multi-Family
​Fix n Flip Loans
​Rehab/Renovation/Remodel Loans
​Bridge Loans
​Cash-out Refinance Loans
Portfolio (Jumbo) Loans
​First Lien HELOC
​New Construction (Horizontal & Vertical) 
​Commercial Property Mixed-Use 
​Assisted Living Facility 
​Church Facilities
​Self-Storage/Mini Storage 
​Mobile/Manufactured Home 
​Mobile/Manufactured Home Parks
​Vacant Lot
​Golf Course
More Options Available!

Business Accelerator

Our Business Accelerator Program is designed to provide an in-depth evaluation of your business needs, and develop a customized plan to improve key areas in just 90 days with 1:1 guidance & support.

Need To Fund A Real Estate Transaction?

Complete A Borrower Intake Form for your Investment Property or Real Estate Project

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